Padaladhri Nrisimhar - Singaperumal Koil

Situated off the ever-busy NH4 is Singaperumal Koil which is home to a frequently visited ancient vishnu temple dedicated to Padaladhri Nrisimha Perumal (known as Singaperumal Koil).

Temple History:

It is famed as a place where Nrisimhar gave darshan to Jaabaali Maharishi.

According to temple sources, this temple has been referred in Brahmaanda Puraanam. Lord Vishnu took the form (Avatar) of Sri Narasimha and killed the demon king Hiranyakashipu. At the time of Narasimha Avatar, this place was surrounded by dense forests. A sage called 'Jaapaali' was performing Thapas, praying Lord Vishnu. As wished by him, the lord gave dharshan to him in the form of Ugra (fierce) Nrisimhar.

Appachiaranna's son was Annavillappan and his father Appachiaranna. He learnt Ubhaya Vedantham from Daasarathi Appai and Kandadai Appan. Thirunakshathiram: Maasi Kettai. Theertham – Mithuna Krishna Astami.

Annavillappan - @ Singaperumal Koil (Sri Mudaliandan Swami Thirumaligai)

Annavillappan was extremely devoted to his clan's deity (Kula deivam) Nrisimhar. Padaladhri Nrisimhar appeared in his dream and told him to spruce the jungle and bring out his temple drowned in sand dune at Padaladhri. This place is now known as 'Singa Perumal Koil'. Annavillappar (Kumara Venkatacharya Swami) rehabilated the Padaladhri Nrisimha Perumal Sannadhi which had drowned under sand dune, as per Perumal's directive and created the village as also brought and settled people to serve the Swami in Temple. He constructed tower, etc. and worshipped him. He remained the Sthalacharya Purusha and received special honours which are continued and accorded to Varthamana Mudaliandan Swami even now.


The main shrine of this east-facing vishnu temple in Singaperumal Koil enshrines the four-armed Padaladhri Nrisimha Perumal, the presiding deity of this temple.

Sri Moolavar is in sitting pose, with right leg folded and left leg stretched. Right hand is showing abhaya and left arm is inahvahana [welcoming] mudra under the PUNYAKOTI VIMANAA. Prahladha Varadhan Utsavar is in standing pose.

The Lord graces with Four arms, the right ones are holding the discus and showing abhaya, while the left arms are holding conch and holding Mace. He graces along with Sri Sridevi and Sri Bhudevi.

The handsome utsava vigraha Of perumal and ubhaya nachiyar are seen in front of their Sannidhi's.

At the Entrance of the temple has Idols of Vishvakshenar, Swami Ramanuja and many of the Azhwars & Acharyas. In front of this shrine is a large mandapa.

Below are Prahladha Varadhan, Viswaksenar, Nammazhwar, Kulasekara Azhwar, Periyazhwar, Thirumangai Azhwar, Thirukachi Nambigal, Swami Ramanuja, Koorathazhwaan, Mudaliandan, Pillai Lokacharya, Manavala Mamuni


The shrine for Goddess Lakshmi worshipped here as AHOBILAVALLI THAYAR is situated to the right of the main sannidhi and ANDAL sannidhi on the left.

Annavillappan Pushpa Pallakku (Thiru Maasi Kettai)

There is a mandapa at the Sannidhi entrance supported by very slender, beautiful pillars which reveal the exquisite craftsmanship of the master-artisans of the ancient tamil.

Annavillappan - Singaperumal Koil Mariyadhai (Maasi Kettai)

Situated few distance away from the temple is a very large temple tank known as SUDDHA PUSHKARINI. The ritiuals in this temple are done according to the tenets of the Vaikhanasa aagamam.

Temple Festivals:

Among the festivals conducted in this temple, the Brahmotsavam (Vaikasi Month), Pavithrotsavam (Avani), Thoppam Davana Utsavam (Maasi) are the important ones. However there will be Purappadu during Azhwars and Acharyas Thirunatchathiram. Krishna Jayanthi, Navarathri and more also celebrated throughout the year..

East India Company:

From a communication to Company Government (East India Co.) written on Nala Year July 13, by Singaperumal Koil Devasthanam Archakar Thiruvallur Bhattar, Kumastha Vathiyar, Viraperumal Iyengar Narasimhachariar, Thanthiri Nayakka Kaaramannur Archakar Ayyam Bhattar, it is known that during Manavala Mamuni's days and before July of Nala Year, Nrisimhar in the Padaladhri cave under Punyakoti Vimanam (who had aappeared before Jaabaali Maharishi), appearing in the dream of Kumara Venkatachar (alias) Kandadai Annavillappangar who was a resident of Perumal Koil (Kanchipuram).

From the above mentioned record it is known that it was in Manavala Mamunigal's time. According to historical records, the temple could have existed in 8th century during the Pallava reign of Narasimha Varman, Mahendra Varman. One stone inscription of end of 10th century in Raja Raja chozha's reign shows that this temple was known as Narasinga Vinnagara Devar and it belonged to Chenkundram village. Later it had been covered by sand dunes.

In the publication on the eminence of Perumal Koil Azhagiya Manavaala Jeer it is found that during the course of his pilgrimage he paid obeisance at Singaperumal Koil, the favourite temple of his Acharya Kumara Venkatachar, which is a little distance from Thirukkadal Mallai (Mahabalipuram).

Temple Location:

Situated off the ever-busy NH4 is Singaperumal Koil which is home to a frequently visited ancient vishnu temple dedicated to Padaladhri Nrisimha Perumal (known as Singaperumal Koil). View Map

Temple Timings:

Morning - 7:00 - 11:30, Evening - 4:30 - 8:30