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Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

The day on which an acharya or any Sri Vaishnava leaves the samsara (sorrow filled material world) and reaches Sri Vaikuntam (Abode of Sriman Narayana where we can perform various kainkaryam without hindrances) is celebrated every year as Thiruvadhyayanam or Theertham

Generally when an atma leaves their body (at the time of death), the day of such incident is remembered in Vedic terms as Thithi or Thivasam or Srardham. But same incident when happens to a Sri Vaishnava is considered to be Thiruvadhyayanam or Theertham. The reason for these terms for this day is because on this day, Thiruvaimozhi is chanted, so Thiruadhyayanam - adhyayanam means practicing/chanting of vedas and Sripadha Theertham of the departed Srivaishnava is accepted by all, so Theertham

Sons and direct disciples of the departed Srivaishnava must observe the above mentioned activities on the remembrance day of the departure.

Sri Kumara Venkatacharya Swami thiruvadhyayanam will be celebrated from Panguni 2, Wednesday 16 March 2022 to Panguni 4, Friday 18 March 2022 at Sri Mudaliandan Swami Thirumaligai, Singaperumal Koil

Panguni 2
16 March 2022
5 30 PM – Thiruvaimozhi Goshti

Panguni 3
17 March 2022
6 30 AM – Thiruvaimozhi Goshti
3 PM – Thirumanjanam (Perumal, Manavala Mamunigal, Sri Annavilappan Swami)
5 30 PM – Thiruvaimozhi Goshti

Panguni 4
18 March 2022
7 AM – Thiruvaimozhi Goshti, Satrumurai
9 30 AM – Sripadha Theertha Prasadam, Aasthanam

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Every-year, especially a disciple, must celebrate the day on which his/her acharya attained the divine abode of Sriman Narayana. The appearance day of the acharya is mentioned as Thirunakshthra paripalanam and the disappearance day is mentioned as Thiruvadhyayana Thirtha paripalanam and because of these two important activities of Thiruvaimozhi chanting and accepting of Sri Padha Theertham this event is called Thiruvadhyayanam and Theertham.

Sishyas and Abhimanis are requested to attend the Utsavam and get blessings from Acharyan, Kumara Venkatacharya Swami and Sri Ahobilavalli Thayar Sametha Sri Padaladhri Narasimha Perumal

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