Overview of Photos taken during Swami Mudaliandan - Varthamana Acharyan's Thirunatchathiram which was on 26 Nov 2013 (Karthikai Pooram) but celebrated on 22 Dec 2013 @ Ramanuja Koodam, Kesava Perumal Koil St, Mylapore. Click here for celebrations at Mumbai on 26 Nov 2013

Our Varthmana Swami's ThiruNakshtram was celebrated in a very grand manner at Sri Kesava Perumal adivaaram and also Peyazhwar Avatharasthalam.

Photo Courtesy: Sri Venkatesan Swami (T Nagar) & Sri Sampath Kumar Swami (Adyar)

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Write up by Sri (Adyar) Sampath Kumar Swami:

- It was a "DIVINE DAY" today.
- Smt. Geetha Vasudevan and Sri Vasudevan of Kesava Perumal Sannadhi this year also had organised for an elaborate function to celebrate the Thirunakshatra festival of our Varthamana Swamy.
- Bombay sishyas had already conducted Varthaman Swami's Thirunakshtram at Mumbai (Karthikai Pooram Nov 26, 2013). However Vasudevan swami wanted the function to be celebrated at Chennai also for the benefit of sishyas. Today happens to be the Thirunakshtra Day of our Chinna Swamy, Magam Nakshtra in the month of Margazhi.
- After Samasrayanams, Swami performed the Dhaati Panchaka Homam.
- Before Poornahuthi, Swami impressed on all the sishyas on the importance of reciting Dhaati Panchakam daily along with Poorvacharya's Thanians.
- Varthamana Swamy desired every sishya present including Andal Ghoshti to recite Dhaati Panchakam and the hall was reverberating with about 300 sishyas reciting Dhaati Panchakam. Swami informed that the Homam was being performed for the welfare of all sishyas and abhimanis.
- Temple honours from a number of temples were received with due respect and both Varthamana Swamy and Chinna Swamy were presented with temple honors of Malai, Parivattam and Perumal Thayar Vasthrams.
- Smt. Geetha & Vasudevan swami had arranged for Alankara Prasadams for every sishya.
- A book on Dhaati Panchakam, specially printed with the Sthothram and meaning , was released at the initiative of Vasudevans. Smt Geetha Vasudevan happens to be the grand Daughter of Vaikunta vasi Sriman U.Ve. Kazhiyur Vinjimur Ranga Swami Iyengar. Swami was in Emperumanr Kainkaryam for more than 40 years.
- Varthamana Swamy, Ammangar, Chinna Swami and Chinna Ammangar were present through the function and it was a blessed sight to see our Swami's family to bless all of us.
- For the past few months some of the sishyas in 60s were a concerned lot about the future of our Thirumaligai especially regarding dwindling number of Kainkaryaparals.
- Our Thirmaligai Perumals, Our Peria Swami have ensured a team of dedicated sishyas to take the Thirumaligai, if I may be permitted to say, on "Grand Fast Track".
- A number of sishyas in the age group of our Varthaman Swamy and more than that there is another group of children in the age group of our Chinna Swami, who are talented in not only reciting Nalayiram but also on the rituals and protocols to be followed in our Thirumaligai.
- Especially, children in the age group of 12-15 fight with each other to take up the Thirumaligai Kainkaryam along with our Swami.
- Sishyas in 60s and 70s can be rest assured that our Thirumaligai will function as a Torch bearer in Spreading Emperumanar Dharisanam.