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Swami Mudaliandan Thirumaligai – Karthikaiyil Karthikai - Mumbai Sishya's

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

By the grace of Sriman Narayana and blessings of our poorvacharya's, it is proposed to celebrate Thirunakshathiram of Swamy Kumara Venkatachar (Kartthikayil Karthikai) at 10 .m. on Sunday 25th November 2012 at the premises of Vivek College, Vivek College Road, Goregaon (West), Mumbai 400062.

Kumara Venkatachaaryar Thanian
dhaasharath yaarya thanayam shreeshailaarya padhaashrayam |
shreevengkata gurum vandhe sheelaadhi guna saagaram ||

Thirunakshathirams of Sri Thirumangai Azwar (Karthikai Karthikai) and Thiruppanazwar (Karthikai Rohini) as well as our Poorvacharyas Swamy Srinivasa Varadachariar (Aippasi Anusham) and Swamy Nampillai (Karthikai Karthikai) will be combined and celebrated on the occasion.

Sishya's and Abhimani's are invited to make it convenient to participate in the celebrations and be the recipients of our poorvcharya's blessings. Sishya's may please bring Periya Thirumozhi with them.

Our respected MS Srinivasan Swamy's 91st birthday occurs on Karthikai Avittam. It is proposed to felicitate him on that occasion and offer our respects and affection in a brief function following the celebration as above as was decided at our last meet. All our Sishya's and patrons are invited to join us in honoring Shri MS Srinivasan and make the function a memorable event.

Request all Sishya's and Abhimani's to take part in the above happening's and get blessings from Acharyan, Poorvacharya's and Sriman Narayana.

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