Sri Kandadai Thozhappar

Universally reputed Kandadai Thozhappar was Kandadai Andan's son, born at Koil (Kancheepuram) on the day of Thiruvaadi Pooram (Kataka Poorvabhadra).

Sri Kandadai Thozhappar Thanian:

Ramanujaarya sathputhram Vaaranaadeesa Desikam |
Lokaacharya Krupaapathram vandhe gunaganaarv navam ||

Year: 11th Century
Birth Place: Kancheepuram
Other Names: Pachaivaranan, Vaaranaadeesar, Sayamahadeesar
Month: Aadi
Thiru Natchathiram: Pooram
Amsam: Sri Aandal

"Ugandha thozhan nee enakku". Likewise, happiness of Bhaktha paraadeena standing on the Athimalai Perarular was incomplete even though Piratti was there with him, he was not feeling their company when Varanaadeesa (Thozhappar) was not in his company, when he was with him, felt the presence of others too. (Thozhappar was so dear to Perarulalan) So he called him "Thozhappar" (Friend). He was therefore known as "Mitra Dhatar".

Thozhappar installed the Archaswaroopam of Choodikodutha Nachiyar (Andal) (in Kanchi temple) and performed Vivaha Mahotsavam for Andal-Perarulalar.

Perarulalar apapeared in Thozhappar's dream and through a six-verse sloka apprised him that he (Perarulalar) will be born to him (Thozhappar) for the furtherance of his lineage and its reputation. In the early morning, he came as an old-man and gifted Pranatharthiharar with Ubhaya Nachimar, one of the six bearers (sets of Archa moorthies) and bade Thozhappar to worship those Archa moorthies. That set of Archa moorthies is also known as "Azhaithu vazhvithavar". Perarulalar also gave him a residential house and asked him to reside there for ever.

A disciple of First Kumara Venkatacharya Swami (Onnana Kumara Venkatacharya swami) of Sri Mudaliandan Thirumaligai, who later came to be known as Vaadhikesari Azhagiya Manavaala Jeeyar in his work "Sri Kumara Venkatacharya Dinacharya" about his Acharya (Onnana Kumara Venkatacharya swami), has mentioned about the Thirumaligai Perumal with the same name 'Aahuya Rakshaka Hari or Azhaithu vazhvithavar' in the below sloka:

Aahuya Rakshaka Hari tavamangalam syaath asmat guroothama kulaadiba mangalam syaath |
Evam vidaam kiramudheeraya taschirena pushnaathu mangala thathim bhagavaan guror mey ||

Nampillai is his supreme Acharyan. It happened like this. Kandadai Thozhappar (grandson of Mudaliandan) says some harsh words towards Nampillai in Perarulalar's court, and returned home.
His well wisher wife spoke to him on this. "Pramaadhaath buddhi devaabhidhayaka kriyathe sadha anudhapthasthu thanevakshamayen nanyadhasamam". Bereft of his mistake, Thozhappar with deep self-pity left with his colleagues went in search of Nampillai to tender his apology and obtain his pardon at the same venue where he insulted him. Meanwhile, "ahethaarapi sakrodhamarchayan nachyuthapriyam – prabhodhya vividhairyathnaih praagnodheetha prasaadhayeeth", Nampillai had come at the external court of Thozhappar's house to please him.

Seeing this humility and nicety on the part of Nampillai, Thozhappar was very pleased and wondering how this simultaneous exchange of visits has come about, with great respect told Nampillai "Why have you been Acharyan to only this many sishyas so long whereas you ought to have been the universal Acharyan?

Lokaacharyaabhithaam dathu kalijithasa soorayesyame bechasya charanou karanai thribhiraasraye! Dayaya Devarrajasya Dasarathyaaya sandhathe – Abhivridhikaram vande Harithathviba Desikam".


Saying so, Thozhappar resorted to take solace under Nampillai's feet. Thus Nampillai became Acharyan to Thozhappar.

Referring to this, Vichathavak sigamony Sri Manavala Mamunigal wrote in his Upadesa Rathna Malai:

"Thunnupugazh Kandadai Thozhappar tham ugappal
enna ulagariyano endruraikka Pinnai
Ulagaaryan ennum per Nampillaikku ongi
vilagamal nindrathu endrum mel ".

Thozhappar had four sons:

(1) Peria Varadachariar
(2) Chinna Varadaachariar
(3) Eeyan
(4) Ammal.

Kandadai Thozhappar's Koil Srikaarya nirvaaham (administration): On the 18th day of Aadi month when river Cauvery gets flooded, a boat procession of Perumal used to be held.

Once, on such occasion, because of evil forces of occult, the procession got pulled along the current of the flood. Knowing this, Koora Narayana Jeeyar at once lifted the pavithram in his hand and turned it towards right side. The boat procession turned right against the flood and reached ashore and back to Temple safe.

Every year when floods came, Thirukuralappan temple used to get under water. Water used to enter main temple premises too. This was brought to the notice of the Chief of Army in that region. Immediately, he consulted Thozhappar and raised a bund on both the sides of Thiruvaranga Thirupathi and also took measures to counter evil activities of undesirable elements. A tank was also built on the western side of the temple for the Odathirunal (Boating Day) festival for Perumal. On the eastern side he installed Azhagiya Singar opposite to Keezhaiyur Jambulingam.

Thozhappar handed over charge of Sri Karyam's activities of Koil to his son Periyayi. With his other sons Eeyan Ramanujachariar and Devarajar Ammal, he went to Srirangam. Athigiri Arulalar appeared in Thozhappar's dream and welcomed him. He directed him, "Like how you were looking after our activities without any shortcomings in our southern home (Sri Rangam), you do here also without any shortcomings." Thozhappar accordingly accepted Lord's orders and functioned as Sri Karyam of Koil (Kancheepuram).

Devapperumal appeared in Thozhappar's dream and appraised him through a six versed sloka and also said "Because of your third son, you will go to the holy place." Sometime later, while King Pancha Thiruvadi Krishnan was ruling, Azagiya Manavala Perumal (Sri Ranganathan) appeared in his dream and directed him, "for looking after our jobs, invite Eeyan who has gone to work in Devapperumal Sannadhi in the North and hand over to him the responsibilities held by Mudaliandan. That King sent a messenger to Eeyan and invited him. Accordingly, Eeyan Ramanujachariar became Vadhoola Desika again and (at Sri Rangam) renovated several gopurams and prakara mandapams, conducted nithyotsavams, paksothsavam, and looked after all other courtesies being offered to Sri Ranganathar, in the same manner as Mudaliandan did in the past.