Sri Kandadai Aandan

Kandadai Aandan an amsam of Sathrugna was born to Mudaliandan on Kumba (Maasi) Punarvasu day for rendering faultless service to Bhaagavathaas. His birth place was Koil (Sri Rangam). Acharyan was Swami Ramanujar, Mudaliandan and Sri Atkondavalli Jeeyar. His father Mudaliandan taught him Vedas, Sastras and Divya Prabhandam. Secret (in-depth) meanings were taught to him by Atkonda Valli Jeeyar. Like Ramanujar who had 5 Acharyans, Kandadai Andan had 3 Acharyans.

Sri Mudaliandan didn't have male child for long time. Once, while discussing this with Sri Ramanuja, Andaan regretted about not having a male schild. At the same, Sri Ramanuja received prasadam from the Temple which was covered with a garment (Kandadai - Gandam + aadai - a piece of cloth with fragrance) worn on Lord's thirumeni (Lord's archaamurthi). Sri Ramanuja indicated to Andaan about the auspicious happening and told him he will get a son soon. Soon, a son was born to Andaan. Thus, Andaan vamsam (family) was called as Kandadai. It is said that a whole street [north mADa street] in Srivilliputthur bears the name 'Kandadaiyar veedhi', to signify the importance of the family.

Sri Kandadai Aandan Thanian:

vaadhoolaanvaya vaartheendhum shreemad dhaasharathe sutham |
vedhaan thadhvaya nishnaandham vandhe raamaanujam gurum ||

Another thanian given for Kandadai Aandan as follows:

svaava thaaras thalorch chaabhooth shree rangesa yatheeshwaraha |
yanmuthe tham gunaavaasam raamaanuja gurum bhaje ||

Thiru Natchathira Thanian:

Kumbhey Punarvaso jaadham Ramanuja gurum bhaje |
Agaroth yathiraajaarchaam Range boothapurae saya: ||

Year: 1104 (Svabhānu Year) - 1209 
Birth Place: Srirangam
Other Names: Ramanuja Daasar, Ilayazhwan Ramanujan
Month: Maasi
Thiru Natchathiram: Punarpoosam
Amsam: Sathruguna (Lord Rama's brother)

Sathrugna served Bharathan with such in-depth principle. Bharatha's happiness was ever his goal. "Pumsaam dhristi chitha apaharinam" Rama's beauty was such mind capturing that even men would desire to be women before him wearing womanly attire. Sathrugna considered that getting deeply immersed in that beauty of Rama will be detrimental to his servitude to Bharatha and won over his inclination to Rama, proving to be Sathrugna (destructor of enemy).

Sri Atkonda Vilii Jeeyar Thanian:

vaadhoolaanvaya vaartheendhum shreemad dhaasharathe sutham |
vedhaan thadhvaya nishnaandham vandhe raamaanujam gurum ||

Kandadai Andan pleased Ramanuja and sought his permission to install an idol replica of Ramanuja at his birth place (Sriperumbudur) for the benefit of all for worshipping him. Ramanuja granted his request. At once Andan brought a sculptor and got him to make a replica of Ramanuja in his then advanced age. He showed it to Ramanuja and Ramanuja embraced it. Placing all his grace and powers in that idol, he told Andan to install it on the day of Guru Pushyam, giving him an authority letter.

That event of installation is celebrated even now as Guru Pushya utsavam [குரு புஷ்ய உத்சவம்] for three days. It is held in the month of Thai, on Pushyam day. Festival starts on Thiruvadhirai (Arudra) and concludes on Pushyam for three days.

With due respect, Andan carried the idol to Sriperumbudur and installed it there on the day nominated by Ramanuja. "sarva - kAlattilum sarva - chEtanarkkum sEvyamAm-paDi...".

While this was being done at Sriperumbudur, at Sri Rangam Ramanuja felt that his strength was draining out and wondered why was it happening so.


He then recollected that it was the day he had nominated for his idol to be installed at Sriperumbudur. He at once sent a communication to Andan to come fast to Sri Rangam. On receipt of the communication, Kandadai Andan reached Sri Rangam very fast and prostrated before Ramanuja.

Ramanuja told Kandadai Andan to peform his final rites and also to install his idol at the place where his body was laid to final rest. So Swami Ramanuja's Utsavar thirumeni was installed by Kandadai Aandan at Sri Rangam. He also organized Ramanuja Mahotsavam to be performed on Thiruvadhirai day, for ever, by succeeding generations. He arranged that during all thirty days of Margazhi, thaligai amudhu (Bhog) to be offered to Peria Sannadhi Nambimar Ethirajar. Also, on the days of Thirumozhi, Thiruvoimozhi and Iyarpaa, along with Azhwar, Ramanuja will be carried to Sannadhi.

He made observance of Thirunakshathiram as a 7-day event, and on the day of Thirunakshathiram, he (udayavar) will be carried on hand by Archakar and Kandadai Andan offered honours to Ramanuja there.

Sri Kandadai Aandan's 10 words: (Vaarthamalai 235th Word)

When being imprisoned in Ravana's garden, Sita Piratti showed the situation of a Srivaishnava who is trapped in this samsar.

1. She got separated from the Lord's divine feet when she used harsh words against Lakshmana. Similarly, for a chetana, sins committed against a bhAgavata would remove his divine feet.
2. Her presence near Ravana is similar to the chetana's association with his body.
3. Her dwelling together with the rAkshasis who tortured her, is similar to the chetana's living together with his spouse and children.
4. Her seeing Maricha is similar to the chetana being attracted by things of this world. Her seeing Ravana is like the chetana being trapped by his senses.
5. Her seeing Hanuman is like the chetana seeing his acharya.
6. Hanuman told her the divine qualities of the Lord. Similarly, the Azhvars tell the divine qualities of the Lord to the chetana.
7. Hanuman told her the history of the ring given to him by Lord Rama. Similarly, the acharya gives the Guru Parampara to the chetana.
8. Hanuman gave her the Lord's ring. Similarly, the acharya gives Thirumantra to chetana.
9. Sri Vibeeshana's girls became her close associates. Similarly, Srivaishnavas are the close associates to the chetana.
10. The Lord destroyed her enemies such as Ravana and took her to Himself. Similarly, he will destroy the enemies of the chetana such as association with the things of this world and take him to his divine abode.

Kandadai Aandan Sayings to Parasara Bhattar at Saraswathi Bandaram (391st word):

Emperuman silaraip po vennum, silarai vaa vennum, silarai podhu ennum. prayojanaanthara nishtaraip palathaik koduthup po vennum, karmagnana nishtarai karman kazhithavaare vaa vennum, ananyaprayojanaraip podhu ennum. Indha desathil ananyaprayojanarai undendrirundhoma? Undaagilange kandukolgirom, enganeyennil: praapya praapagangalirandum emperuman endral visvasippaarillai. Visvasitha al kruthagnaraayiruppaarillai, kruthagnaaraagap petraadhagil bhagavat kainkaryam virasamaayirukkum, ivai moondrum kooditraagilum raagadweshopahathar aagaiyaala bhaagavatha kainkaryathukku isaiyaargal, adhuvum kooditraagil aachaaryanudaya deha yathrayaik kandu negizha ninaippargal. Idhuvum kooditraagil thangalai shudharaaga ninaippargal, aagaiyaale bhagavath gunam chollugaikkum ketkaikkum ivvidathil aalillai kanum -

These words was given to Bhattar by Sri Kandadai Aandan at Saraswathi Bhandaaram.

- Those who desire other (material) benefits come to Bhagavan to obtain them and move away. So Emperuman tells them to go.
- With the objective of obtaining pleasure of moksham for Self, those indulging by their efforts in karma, gnana and bhakthi, Emperuman tells them to come after to tread on the path of three true wisdom, three kinds of sacrifices, saranaagathi and getting rid of praarabdha karmam.
- He extends his hands and invites those the siddhopaayanishtan who considers Emperuman as the objective and means of obtaining the objective (praapyam and praapagam). There is none who has this faith.
- Even if a few are there, they do not have gratitude to him for the good he does to us from time immemorial. Even if there are few who has gratitude, there is none who realizes the pleasure of service to Bhagavan.
- Even if there are a few who has all the above three qualities, they do not accept the greatness of other Sri Vaishnavas.
- Even if this quality is obtained, they consider Achaaryan as a person like us by looking at the way he lives. Even if there are a few who do not consider like that, they consider themselves as a person of all virtues bereft of all evils.
- There is none who realizes his aakinchayam (lowly without any fulfillment). Therefore there is none in this world to extol Bhagavan's gunas and hear them.

Kandadai Andan was also known as Ramanuja Dasar. He lived for 105 years and attained Sri Vaikuntam.